Company culture is an integral part of the business and sets the defining values and customs of an organization. It creates the backbone of a happy and healthy workforce.

The culture I would build in my own organization would be focused on empowering and uplifting others to do good for the world. Some core values that will guide this to fruition would be compassion, integrity, respect, responsibility, and collaboration. This will create an environment where all employees are passionate about moving towards the same mission and create a motivating place to work.

Some redlines or violations to culture would be…

Successful leaders would be able to provide you with a clear and defined approach to how they lead other people: their leadership philosophy. My team-building philosophy and playbook is to create a fun and comfortable environment, bringing together diverse interests and experiences.

My approach reflects my priorities and values as a leader because I respect other people’s experiences and points of view. This is very important in teams because balancing conflicting opinions and ideas is very important to draft a good argument. Keeping in mind my long term goals of social impact are also a driving force for this leadership policy because I value experience over simply getting work done.

There are many types of frameworks to chose from when making decisions.

To make a good decision, having all of the information about the impact that it can have on me, the work, others. Hearing the opinions of the people your decision affects is also very important. As a leader, it is important to make decisions that are beneficial to both you and your team. I take into account how this decision will pan out long term and therefore follow a logical approach. Finally, I reflect on the decision that best fits my success criteria then make my decision accordingly.

How can we do better to ensure women feel equal in the workplace? Women constantly face the imposter syndrome and feel the need to change who they are to feel part of a male-dominated team. It’s as if a female defines a woman before any of the work that they do. My call to action from this Ted Talk is we cannot stay silent and go on being ignored. We must empower others to be cognizant of these biases and empower them to listen to voices they may overlook. Economic and political empowerment for women to hold more prominent positions is also crucial.

Humanitarian leadership focuses on improving the global environment for others and uses a platform to address the world’s most pressing issues.

In “The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World,” Melinda Gates discusses several humanitarian issues that are important to pay attention to. To summarize, Melinda Gates has worked on some of the greatest challenges in global health, including making vaccinations and family planning more widely accessible in the past two decades. In this novel, she focuses on the benefits of empowering women above the obstacles they face which will in turn translate into better communities for all…

Communication is a core leadership function and a key characteristic of a good leader. Effective communication and effective leadership are closely intertwined. Communication is especially important in a team environment. Each leader has a different approach when working with a team and this defines their leadership style.

My personal communication style is being a warm communicator and enjoy leading when I know team members feel valued, happy, and are enjoying their time. I value open and honest communication, and I believe this can only be done when a leader is approachable. I would hope that wherever I am serving a…

Good communication is created by engaging an audience, captivating attention, and clearly conveying a message in an eloquent way.

I admire Tracee Ellis Ross as an amazing public speaker for numerous reasons. Tracee is an American actress, singer, television host and producer. She is known for her roles on television and has received several awards throughout her professional career. Her communication style has incredible vocal variance, which most likely stems from her background as a singer. …

The TED Talk I would like to give would be either regarding implicit racial biases, female empowerment, or social change. The idea that I would like to be known for as a thought leader is using my personal experiences as a bouncing board to bring positive social change. This ties into my leadership because I would like to be an empathetic leader and someone that is focused on the betterment of humanity.

My first idea is speaking about racial biases and colorism, and how that implicitly impacts self confidence and willingness to speak out. I would speak about my experience…

Sana Imran

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