Leadership Communication

Communication is a core leadership function and a key characteristic of a good leader. Effective communication and effective leadership are closely intertwined. Communication is especially important in a team environment. Each leader has a different approach when working with a team and this defines their leadership style.

My personal communication style is being a warm communicator and enjoy leading when I know team members feel valued, happy, and are enjoying their time. I value open and honest communication, and I believe this can only be done when a leader is approachable. I would hope that wherever I am serving a leadership position, I already am competent and have the knowledge to make decisions. Warm communicators

I want to start asking each team member to contribute to the conversation when they are being quiet, and ensuring every single voice is heard.

Something I will stop doing is communicating more efficiently. I am often told by family that I tend to ramble in conversation and have really long stories. I want to work on being effective in communication, and clearly articulating my vision. This will not only make me a better public speaker, but also a better leader.

Something I will continue doing is making sure each team situation is fun and has a cohesive culture. I think the creativity and innovation spur when people are enjoying what they do, and therefore I like to create a culture that fosters laughter, smiles, and effective communication among all members of the team to make everyone feel included. I also pride myself in being a good listener and I love taking into account various points of view. This helps me gain a clear understanding of another’s perspective and knowledge. Listening fosters trust, respect, and openness. Active listening and being a warm communicator go hand in hand and contribute to one’s success as a leader.